Repairing a carriage clock movement

I originally learnt my trade during a three year course in Horology at the School of Jewellery and Silversmiths at Birmingham Polytechnic. I graduated in 1982 and was one of only three students to be awarded the merit standard that year. This gave me the qualification of a graduate member of the British Horological Institute (BHI).

After graduating, I set up my own business working from home, as employment opportunities were poor at the time. In the beginning it was hard to get work as some people viewed my youth as a hindrance, so I supplemented my income by cutting new clock gears for a wheel and pinion craftsman. By personal recommendation and loyal clients, my clientele grew. One helpful client was Mike Turner, then secretary-manager for the Leicestershire County Cricket Club. He was so impressed with my work that he personally asked the 'Leicester Mercury' to run an article about my new business. This piece ran in April 1983 and generated a great deal of business interest.

Several years later, with business flourishing, I became a fully qualified Fellow of British Horological Institute (FBHI). FBHI membership is only available to those who graduated with merit followed by five years in the trade. I then had to be recommended for the honour by two other reputable Horological professionals in the trade.

I now have a wife, three children and a very successful clock repair business to run. They all keep me very busy, but I still have lots of time for all type of clocks and barometers and I have customers and numerous trade clients across the country. I treat every piece with respect, whether it has sentimental value or it is a coveted antique. I will repair and restore your items to the highest standard and all of my repair work carries a twelve-month guarantee.

Repairing a barograph

Restoration of a banjo mercury barometerI