Partially restored painted dial circa 1790

If you are coming to me for clock repairs and maintenance, you can be assured that you are trusting your timepiece to an expert with over 30 years of experience who maintains every item personally.

For customers in the Leicestershire area, I usually start with a visit, especially if your timepiece is large or delicate. This allows you to meet me in person and enables me to discuss the work required and to provide you with an estimate. I can then dismantle and transport the clock without causing any damage. I am happy for you to bring the clock to me for repair, however, I would appreciate it if you would telephone me first. Click here to view location map.

I am very thorough, and have very high standards, so I fully strip down every clock to clean it. To repair the damage caused by wear, all pivots are burnished and polished and all worn plates will be re-bushed. As pivot holes wear into an oval shape over time, they must be drilled out and replaced with a new round hole of the correct size, this process is called re-bushing. I can also obtain any missing or damaged parts including hands, pendulums, weights, bells, finials, glass domes, mercury barometer tubes and thermometers.

After the re-assembly of the time piece, it undergoes a period of testing to ensure that it is running correctly and keeping correct time. Large clocks are then delivered back to your home and set up to ensure everything is running smoothly.

I also provide the following services if required:

  • Cleaning, polishing and lacquering wooden and metallic cases
  • Re-silvering dials
  • Re-polishing and lacquering of all brass and bezels

and through a large base of networked contacts built up over the years I also work in co-operation with other services such as:

  • Dial restoration for painted and enamelled dials
  • Re-guilding clock cases
  • Case restoration work by an experienced furniture restorer
  • Wheel and pinion cutting, made to original patterns
  • Glass cutting for bevel-edged carriage clock cases, convex and shaped glasses, as well as barometer glasses

My focus is giving you and your timepiece the best of service.

Repolishing pivots using a Myford ML7 Lathe

Re-bushing worn clock platesI